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The final encore 

  1  Come do a little life
  2  Who do you think you are
  3  Love trip
  4  Love her for a while
  5  What was I thinkin'
  6  First fool in line
  7  American kids
  8  New shade of blue
  9  Baby I'm right
10  That look
11  Dreamin' with my eyes wide open
12  Little yellow blanket
13  Lay low

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  I see me

  1. Gentle on my mind
  2. Anything for love
  3. It must be love
  4. Dance the night away
  5. Where corn don't grow
  6. Don't close your eyes
  7. A fool such as I
  8. Take it easy
  9. Never gonna fall in love
10. Tequila talking
11. Playin' tricks
12. That's how I got to Memphis
13. From a Jack to a King / Take these chains / Singing the blues
14. I see me

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  The shape I'm in

  1. The shape I'm in
  2. Places I've never been
  3. Honkytonk life
  4. A real good way to wind up lonesome
  5. Little bit gypsy
  6. One way ticket
  7. Dream lover
  8. Silver lining
  9. That girl
10. Same thing happened to me
11. Stripes
12. The shoe box
13. That's alright Mama
14. This is me missing you

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  Just Like The Rain

  1. Just like the rain
  2. Fill in the blank
  3. Is it Friday yet?
  4. Here comes my baby
  5. Anything goes
  6. Talk is cheap
  7. As long as there's lovin' tonight
  8. Somebody like you
  9. Wagon wheel
10. Drive
11. The losing side of me
12. So you don't have to love me anymore
13. Back in your arms again


 True Love Ways 

  1. True love ways
  2. Whatcha reckon
  3. I forgot to remember to forget
  4. Dance with me
  5. Disappearing tail lights
  6. As she's walking away
  7. Wake up little Susie
  8. This ole boy
  9. Write my number on your hand
10. Knock knock
11. The wind
12. You better move on


  1. Memphis
  2. Sunny in Seattle
  3. Marina
  4. Footloose
  5. Tomorrow
  6. If I was a woman
  7. Don’t drink the water
  8. The wanderer
  9. Another song I had to write
10. Whiskey's gone
11. Seven nights to rock
12. Open book


Shake Your Hips
   1. 1-2-3
   2. I love you this big
   3. You can't read my mind
   4. Knee deep
   5. Come back my love
   6. I run to you
   7. Big Jimmy & Felicidad
   8. Fool in me
   9. Make this day
 10. Heaven in my womans eyes
 11. Love done gone
 12. I'm no good


  Cold Cold Heart

   1. Cold cold heart
   2. People are crazy
   3. It happens
   4. That's what they said about the buffalo
   5. Roll on (clickety clack)
   6. Snap your fingers
   7. Roll with it
   8. Need you now
   9. Messed up in Memphis
 10. Rockin' pneumonia
 11. Yolanda
 12. From Oklahoma with love


 Toe Struttin'

  1. Feel right
  2. Let your mama go
  3. Don't tell me you're not in love
  4. Baby's gone home
  5. Toes
  6. You never can tell (C'est la vie)
  7. Home to Louisiana
  8. Mexico
  9. Why don't we just dance
10. What do you see
11. Woman
12. A bands gotta do what a bands gotta do


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