HK Audio
This sound system is my choice for live performances. For more information on this excellent sound reinforcement, click here

To compliment the sound system a Soundcraft 
MFXi8 mixing desk is used on stage........... more info

The guitar I currently perform live with is the Epiphone Swingster Royale. Take a closer look and click here

My  two Gretsch guitars are mainly used in the studio. Click here for more info

The Motif XS6 is used to create the majority of instruments you hear on my tracks. In my opinion the authenticity of the sampled sound are second to none. Take a look

 I use the Shure Beta 58A.   Click here to obtain more information on the Shure excellent microphone range.

To record, produce and engineer my backing tracks and albums, I use Steinberg's Cubase 6 software. Having worked with the Cubase program for many years I just can not fault it. Please click here for more information.
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